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3 Reasons Revenge’s Aiden Mathis Should Die

Fact: No one on Revenge has died this season and it's completely unacceptable. Not to imply that we want our favorite Hamptonites to join Sammy the Dog in heaven, but yeah. We kind of do.

An unexpected death will help develop the plot, and we need a sacrificial lamb to send to the Revengey slaughter! Which brings us to Aiden Mathis. We know, we know, Emily is in love with him –– but who isn't she in love with, right guys? Girlfriend has literally made out with every eligible bachelor in Montauk, other than Declan because OMG OUR EYES.

Check out three reasons we it might be Aiden's time to peace out of the Hamptons!

1. He's Getting in The Way of Emily's Revegenda
Aiden is completely out of control. Need we remind you of the fact that he tried to kill Victoria? Not only would this have destroyed Emily's master revenge plan, it would pretty much ruin our lives. Luckily, Aiden epically failed at killing Baby V, but can we trust him to keep it together in the future? We're thinking nope, nope, nope.

2. He's Coming Between Emily and Daniel's Poetic Love Affair
Aiden seemed on board with Emily's fauxmance with Daniel, but he's taken to trolling the beaches outside her house like a straight-up stalker. Aiden needs to back off if Emily's master plan to win back Daniel's affection is going to work, but his jealousy is getting in the way. Solution? Death by Takeda's fluffy Japanese dogs.

3. His Death Wouldn't Make or Break The Show
Aiden's character is just developed enough that it would be a blow if he died, but under-developed enough that we wouldn't be emotionally traumatized. Whereas if someone like Declan peaced out, we'd probably weave ourselves a hemp dress in mourning. Plus, Aiden's death would develop Revenge's plot –– Emily would have to deal with the passing of a loved one, and The Initiative would lose the upper-hand!

Do you think Aiden should die? Hit the comments!

01.24.2013 / 01:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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