American Idol 2013 Week 2 In Review: Charlotte Auditions 1/23/2013 (VIDEO)
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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Week 2 In Review: Charlotte Auditions 1/23/2013 (VIDEO)

The American Idol 2013 auditions from New York and Chicago last week gave us a glimpse of some truly amazing talent for season 12 and fans are already lining up behind their favorite contestants. New American Idol 2013 judges Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban, along with veteran ‘dawg’ Randy Jackson, were blown away by quite a few performances -- and left writhing in hysterical laughter over others.

Lifelong lifelong stutterer Lazaros Arbos impressed judges and viewers alike with his handsome face, sweet attitude and amazing voice. ‘The Turbanator’ Gurpreet Sing Sarin sparked controversy over whether he was given a golden ticket for his voice or for his unique look and diversity appeal. Several future possible country queens were revealed, like Chicago’s Brandi Neely, and Nicki Minaj enjoyed many lusty looks at various handsome hopefuls, such asJohnny Keyser.

Tonight on the first episode of American Idol season 12 week 2, the judges will be headed down South on the hunt for more terrific talent and wacky weirdos. With the location of the next two auditions, Charlotte and Baton Rouge, it is likely fans will be seeing a whole lot more country-themed auditions this week.

Of course, there will be plenty of drama going on behind the judges' table to enjoy as well. After all, we've only barely seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the whole Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey feud! Plus, we hear Keith Urban is going to start being a bit more entertaining to watch too. Thank goodness! He's certainly great eye candy, but he needs to get in there and start battling it out with the ladies for some more air time!

If you want a sneak peek at who made the American Idol 2013 Top 40, you can check out the spoilers here. Do keep in mind that American Idol spoilers are not 100 percent guaranteed, but these do come from a usually very reliable source.

Who will emerge as the fan favorites and craziest performers of week two of the American Idol 2013 auditions? Join us for our live coverage of the Charlotte auditions show right here at 8 p.m. ET! And here we go!

The show kicks off tonight with host Ryan Seacrest showing off his racing moves in Charlotte and a short clip of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey getting down and dirty nasty with each other at the judges' table! Former American Idolwinner Scotty McCreery shows up for a guest spot to motivate the hopefuls at the audition and we're reminded what a really sweet kind of guy he seems to be.

American Idol 2013 Audition: Naomi Morris

She has the looks, but not the voice and I’m afraid the judges have no ‘Respect’ for Naomi Morris during her rendition of the famous Aretha Franklin song. Even though she thinks she absolutely has the voice to be on American Idol2013, the judges can’t help but laugh at her obvious non-understanding of how very bad she is! Nicki Minaj says she should perhaps pursue a career in fashion design since she's got a hot style, but leave the singing to someone else...

American Idol 2013 Audition: Joel Nemoyer

In one of the most awkward introduction videos for an audition this year, Joel Neyemeyer talks about how his special talent is singing while lying on the floor. He says he was inspired by a bit of 'science' in season 5 of Idol that proved singing while flat on the floor shows you are awesome (with clips of Chris Daughtry and Taylor Hicks demonstrating and the word ‘science’ flashing over them). Joel also loves to dance, but it looks like he should probably call it ‘flailing around’ instead. He gives the judges a performance of “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble while crashed spread-eagled on the floor.

Strangely enough, he’s not actually all the horrible (although he is not good either). Nicki Minaj says Joel “made history” by being the first person to audition from the ground, but the judges give him a hearty round of no votes. After Joel bows to the judges, Nicki weirdly asks if he has ever lived in Tokyo. Joel says he will probably audition again even though Randy said he should “never” return.

American Idol Audition 2013: Brian Rittenberry

In our first ‘sob story’ of the night, Brian Rittenberry talks about his wife’s terrible battle with cancer while moving music plays over a montage of his wife and son. Happily she is now well and they are “blessed and happy.” He feels God has given them a second chance and now he’s here auditioning for American Idol to pursue his dream of a singing career. Brian Rittenberry’s wife is a huge Keith Urban fan and Ryan Seacrest teases her about having a “hall pass” if she ever got the chance to be with him.

Brian Rittenberry sings a strong rendition of “Let It Be” and the judges are into it, although I think his story is kind of better than his voice. Mariah Carey says she “seriously enjoyed it” and Keith Urban says he has a “good light” about him. With four yes votes from the judges, he is through to Hollywood Week! Brian Rittenberry’s wife is thrilled both with knowing her hubby will move on and with meeting Keith Urban! Find out how far Brian Rittenberry has gone in the competition so far in our American Idol spoilers for him here.

American Idol Audition 2013: Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith says Keith Urban is a huge inspiration for him, to which Keith jokingly replies, “You’re going to Hollywood!” Jimmy actually sent in an online audition and was chosen to appear in front of the judges. He sings ???? and parts are kind of good and a few moments are a little wobbly. Nicki says Jimmy has the “sweetness” she’s looking for in her country singers. Keith says his voice really shows his personality and he “dug it.” Mariah Carey thinks he is “special and unique” and she can’t wait for American to enjoy more of him. Four yes votes and he has his golden ticket. Find out how far Jimmy Smith has gone in the competition so far in our American Idol spoilers for him here!

After Jimmy Smith, we have a bunch of positive auditions, including some crazy vocals from a young woman named Na'Chelle Fullins-Lovell, with a slew of folks we don't get to enjoy much of before they are ushered off to Hollywood Week by the judges.

American Idol 2013 Audition: Matthew Muse

Cowboy hat wearing Matthew Muse is one of those auditions you just know is not going to go well. He says people have compared him to Brad Paisley but judging from the look on Mariah Carey’s face, he sounds more like an out of tune accordion. Nicki Minaj says he could be a model though, proving once again she is just a little bit too into the cute guys of Season 12. Although, honestly, I'm not really seeing what she is all about with this guy...

American Idol 2013 Audition: Isabel Gonzalez

Isabelle Gonzalez was nominated for American Idol by her aunt because she thinks the young lady is "too shy" to try out on her own. Judge Randy Jackson invades her class and surprises Isabelle by telling her she’s been selected to perform in front of the judges in Charlotte to come in front of them and sing. Some of the singers who have ended up at auditions this year via the nomination method have not done so well, but in this case the judges are, as Nicki says, “absolutely head over heels in love” with this girl. She’s cute, perky, sweet and has a quite beautiful voice. Happily, we will be seeing more of her as the judges pass her through to the next round with a unanimous vote. Mariah Carey says she is a “star” and Keith Urban says they should have given her the yes votes four seconds after she opened her mouth. Want to know how far Isabel has made it in the American Idol 2013 competition so far? Read up on our spoilers for her here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Taisha Bethea

Taisha Bethea is in a rock band back at home but she is performing on her own tonight. Her bandmates support her 100% and she says they would “love it” if she gets the chance to go to Hollywood. She performs “Fulson Prison” by Johnny Cash even though she wants to be a rock star. While the performance seems a little weak and Randy Jackson isn’t feeling the ‘rock’ twist on the song, the judges are liking her second song a bit better when she gives them “You Outta Know” by Alanis Morrissette. Mariah thinks she is interesting and different, but Keith Urban thinks maybe she is more suitable for a band than as a soloist. Nicki Minaj, however, likes her voice and her style. Nicki votes yes, Mariah votes no, Keith goes for a yes because he wants to hear more. Randy Jackson says no, but Keith gets the deciding vote in Charlotte and she is through to Hollywood! Want to know how far Taisha Bethea gets in American Idol 2013? Check them out right here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Summer Cunningham

Summer performs “Lean on Me” for the judges and for some reason the rather innocuous performance spawns a smackdown catfight between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Summer says she is “soulful country” and manages to annoy Keith Urban by saying she did the pure “country thing” but wanted to go for something with more “soul.” Mariah goes after her about the comment as well. Even though both Keith and Mariah are cranky about what she said, they both decide to give her a yes vote because it is a singing competition and they think she’s got a good voice.

Nicki wants to know why they were picking the girl apart and the conversation degrades into a verbal bitch session between her and Mariah. Randy Jackson tries to jump in and say they are just trying to help the girl. They all end up yelling over each other until finally Keith us just like, “you’re going to Hollywood.” That doesn’t end things though as Nicki throws out an F-word and says she is “done” as she stomps out of the room.

Find out how far Summer Cunnigham goes in the competition in our American Idol 2013 spoilers for her here!

After a break, we have a hugely dramatic video montage about the “huge” blowup between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. There are clips from all the insane press coverage from when the videos about the feuding hit the press and the next worried contestant talking about hoping everything will be fine when she goes in front of the judges.

American Idol 2013 Audition: Brandy Alexandria Hamilton

Brandy Alexandria Hamilton says she used to get in trouble for singing while on duty with the Navy Reserve because she just couldn’t stop herself. She sings “All I Can Do Is Cry” by Etta James and has the normally chattering judges rapt with attention. Randy says he “loves” her and Keith Urban thinks he “heard enough to know it’s all in there.” Nicki Minaj says Brandi really made her feel the song and Mariah says she just lights up the room and it was “pippity-pow!” The judges lay down their votes and it is another golden ticket with four yes votes! As she leaves, she says “please don’t fight” because it makes her sad. That provokes some ‘awwwwwhhhsss’ from the judges. How far has Brandy Hamilton gone on American Idol 2013 so far? Find out in our spoilers here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Ashley Smith

This is one of those intros that make you think this girl is so totally going to embarrass herself, which isn’t helped by Brandy’s crazy white blond hair and total lack of style. However, when starts singing “Cowboy Casanova” by Carrie Underwood, the judges look quite surprised to find she has quite a voice!

Keith says he loves she did the Carrie Underwood song and Randy Jackson agrees. All the judges are loving her and she is handed a ticket to the next round. You have to love how the camera pans to some rather offended looks from some of the other hopefuls waiting to audition. Curious to know how far Ashley Smith has made it in the Idol rounds not yet aired? Check out our spoilers here!

Now we have another short video segment about Nicki’s tendency to nickname all the contestants. She can’t help herself, she has to call them “Tom Cruise,” “bunny,” “boobie,” “collard greens” and... well... it just gets weirder from there.

American Idol 2013 Audition: Janelle Arthur

American Idol 2013 contestant Janelle Arthur played a young Dolly Parton in a theme park production when she was little. She is another one of those cute country girls who seem to be all over the Idol auditions this year. She takes a risk and does judge Keith Urban’s “Where the Black To Ends.” Happily for her, he thinks it’s great. Nicki Minaj thinks she is a star. Keeping it short and sweet with this one, she’s moving on without a hesitation from any of the judges. Find out how far Janne Arthur has made it on American Idol so far in our spoilers here!

It would not be American Idol without yet another clip of horrible auditions of various types as judges rush to get through as many contestants as they can before Keith Urban has to take off to be there for his wife as she receives an award.

American Idol 2013 Audition: Rodney Barber

Rodney Barber has a great story to share about formerly being homeless. Now he sings all over Charlotte and gives half his earnings from his street performances to help out those in need. He gives a performance of “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain that is good, but not really great. Even so, the judges are feeling it and he is going to the next round. Does Rodney Barber make it past the Hollywood round? We have the answer in our American Idol spoilers here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Candace Glover

Candace Glover was cut during the Vegas round of Season 11 and she has been working hard to come back stronger for the auditions this year. She says last time she didn’t know who she was an artist, but now she wants to show the judges she has found herself. Randy Jackson says Candace is the “best audition” he has heard so far this season. Nicki Minaj says she is “obsessed” with Candace! “You are what people watch American Idol to see.” Mariah Carey says she has no words and it is “absolutely the best singing we have heard so far” in the competition. Nicki thinks she will go all the way. Four yes votes and Mariah shouts that she wants a mix tape from Candace as she leaves to get ready for Hollywood!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Ja’Bria Barber

The intro video for Ja’Bria Barber is all about her favorite food, which she hunts herself. Frog diggin’, she says, is where you go out at night, dig up frogs and fry up their legs. They “taste like chicken” and she’d love to invite the judges over to eat some. The judges just can’t stand it and a whole crazy discussion about eating frogs erupts. When they finally stop giggling over her odd eating choices, Ja’Bria Barber gives quite a solid performance. The judges like her, think she is adorable and the vote is a yes all the way.

American Idol 2013 Audition: Brad Harris

Brad Harris used to bang his head into locker doors while making amataur music videos. He says, however, he doesn’t think it caused any brain damage. The joke is, of course, that watching him will probably make you wonder. The 28-year-old says he used to rap under the name Ba-con in Texas. Nicki Minaj wants to know if he would be soggy bacon or crispy bacon. He says “crispy.” He very bizzarly decides to sing “A Whole New World” from the Disney movie Aladdin. You know it isn’t good when the producers are showing a dream sequence of sizzling bacon on the screen while he’s singing. The votes are all a no for Brad, who tries to get a handshake consolation prize from the judges.... and is rejected!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Seretha Guinn

Seretha Guinn’s baby daddy was in a terrible accident and was in a coma for several days. He was horribly injured and has gone through eight surgeries. Seretha says he doesn’t know she is auditioning because she hopes to be able to give him a huge, happy surprise to lift his spirits by getting a golden ticket to Hollywood. She has an adorable daughter who has nicknamed Nicki Minaj ‘dun-dun’ and has brought a teddy bear for her favorite judge. Her odd song choice is “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” which sounds a little scary until she starts singing and it actually is pretty fabulous. She does a follow-up performance of Seretha that has the judges loving her even more. It’s an easy choice and she is through to Hollywood. Nicki Minaj calls her a “superstar” and Randy Jackson says she has a little “Whitney thing” going on. Thankfully she gets to tell her injured beau the exciting news she is through to Hollywood! Get the scoop on how well Seretha Guinn has done in the unaired rounds so far in our spoilers here!

That wraps up our coverage tonight. A total of 37 hopefuls made it through to Hollywood tonight, although we only got to see a a handful perform. Who was your favorite audition of the night?

Join us here again on Thursday for our live-blogging coverage of American Idol 2013 week 2!

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