Are Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Getting a Divorce?
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Are Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Getting a Divorce?

Hopefully you didn’t send Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers any Confederate Flag-themed wedding gifts following their Dec. 4 nuptials because word on the street is, these two are dunzo.

The couple is currently going through a painful and public breakup. Jenelle claims Courty might have been involved in her fractured skull, cheated on her, and abandoned her when she “might be having a miscarriage.”

If those claims are true, they’re definitely grounds for divorce. And Jenelle seems more than ready to be rid of her hubby of one month (and a halfish).

Earlier today she tweeted, “I am getting a divorce, ASAP. YOU F—ING LEAVE OUT OF TOWN AND I MIGHT BE HAVING A MISCARRIAGE?!”

She then retweeted suggestions from several fans, including potentially getting an annulment. Meanwhile, Courtland claims to be in Michigan visiting the grave of a close friend.

This husband’s in some majorly hot water, but he seems to be having some problems of his own. Today he tweeted about serious health problems saying he doesn’t “have much longer on this earth.”

But Jenelle’s not buying it. She tweeted back, “Everyone chill, he is fine. He is scared of coming back to town that’s why he wants pitty.”

It looks like the honeymoon period is already over for these two and the online drama isn’t boding well for their baby-to-be. Do you think Jenelle and Courtland should get a divorce? Tell us below!