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The Bachelor

Casey Shteamer on Falling for Bachelor Producer Elan Gale: I Had a Big Crush on Him During Filming — Exclusive

Casey Shteamer is best known for being the best dressed contestant on Ben Flajnik’s The Bachelor Season 16. Girl can rock a denim romper. While Casey left the season pretty early, she made out like a bandit — nabbing one BFF (Courtney Robertson) and one long-term boyfriend (not Ben Flajnik). Casey has been dating Bachelor producer Elan Gale for almost a year, and she even took him home to meet the parents for Thanksgiving.

During the “Cocktails at the Mansion” party on January 11, 2013, in Agoura, CA, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Casey, asking her about her new adorable relationship, Elan's facial hair, and whether she keeps in touch with Ben Flajnik.

Your boyfriend is always tweeting about you. How does that make you feel?
I don’t know. I never tweet. I try to go on his page and read his tweets but like, half of them he just makes up anyway.

Why do you think you guys click?

Well, I had a big crush on him on the season but no one knew because I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t tell anyone and it just kind of developed slowly over time. It was a good friendship and then it developed into a relationship.

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He’s so cute with the beard and everything. You must like facial hair!
I do! I love facial hair; I think scruff is totally in. I mean, he’s got a lot of it [laughs]. And I love someone that has their own look and can pull it off and I think he totally does and I think that’s very attractive.

Not to get too personal, but this looks like a long-term thing, right?

[Smiles] I think you hope that with any relationship.

It’s so funny that you went on a show to meet a guy and you met someone behind the scenes.

Yeah. It’s definitely not how it’s supposed to work, but again, you like who you like. And you go in and you’ve never met the Bachelor and sometimes you click, sometimes you don’t. In my case, my best friend [Courtney] was falling in love with him. That would have been weird if I were, too—and luckily, I wasn’t and I think it actually helped our friendship a lot and I found somebody else.

That’s awesome. Well, do you stay in touch with Ben?

No. [Pause] Ben and I are not friends.

Your boyfriend tweeted that he was going to meet your parents—
Yes. He came to Kansas with me and he came for Thanksgiving and he met my parents and he’s so smart. They love him and he’s also very funny. If you read his Twitter, you know he’s hysterical. He definitely won them over.