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Pretty Little Liars

Could One of the Liars Be on the “A” Team? Troian Bellisario Says…

Could one of the Liars be on the "A" team? It's a question that every Pretty Little Liars fan has considered at some point, and it turns out fans aren't the only ones speculating.

Troian Bellisario (Spencer) recently spoke to, and she dished on why she, personally, thinks each of the Liars has the potential to be part of the "A" team.

Aria: Troian thinks Aria (Lucy Hale) "is just so clever, and she feels so much. If you take Ezra [Ian Harding] away from her, who knows what’s going to happen?" Could Aria don a black hoodie to avenge her man? Or could she and Ezra be "A" together, like Lucy Hale wants?

Emily: Troian thinks Emily (Shay Mitchell) could snap because of "how far 'A' pushes her ... It’s just like if she snaps, she’s going to take all of us down, because she’s actually incredibly strong." Emily definitely has a ruthless side that has slowly emerged over time. But would she really use her strength for evil?

Hanna: Troian thinks Hanna's (Ashley Benson) bad side could be brought out by Mona (Janel Parrish), though now that the former BFFs are on the outs, we're not so sure about this theory — unless she and Mona have been in it together the whole time! (Okay no, probably not.)

Spencer: As for her own character, Troian said, "she’s a string that’s been wound up way too many times, so her snap is coming any day now.” Yeah, we could see Spencer going totally cray-cray and switching to the dark side.

Do you think any of the Liars could be involved with the "A" team? Sound off in the comments below!

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