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Couple Meets Over Random ‘Words With Friends’ Game, Then Marries

The chat function on the Scrabble app Words With Friends is a glorious outlet for heckling your opponent after a particularly genius move, but Trish and David Palmer’s chat conversations didn’t lead to any rivalries — it led to love.

David started the ball rolling by hitting the randomize button on the app that paired him with a random opponent, who happened to be Trish. A few games in and the anonymous opponents began a conversation on the chat board. A few friendly questions about where they each lived and what they did for a living turned into deeper conversations and heavy feelings.

“I want to say that the romantic feelings actually started happening pretty early on,” Trish tells Huffington Post. “I just couldn’t wait to turn on my phone in the morning to see if he had texted me. It was kind of crazy. We were an hour apart... but I’d still stay up and we’d text until midnight.”

Both Trish and David soon found out that they were similarly divorced with two children each, and as one offered the other their support and understanding, a bond was created that would only build over the coming months.

“It was just a matter of how refreshing she was,” says David. “Her perspective, her thoughts… it was like somebody telling you “You’re ok, too.”

Soon, the couple exchanged phone numbers for a more regular conversation, then they began to visit each other — Trish would visit David in Houston, and he would visit her in Rhode Island, alternating months.

The couple soon fell head over heels for each other, and said “I do” in a beach wedding on 11/11/11, commemorating their first date on a beach in Texas.

Source: Huffington Post

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01.24.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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