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American Idol

Randy Jackson on American Idol’s Shelf Life: The Show “Could Go As Long As They Really Want To”

Season three American Idol contender Jennifer Hudson was all over the online world yesterday wither her opinion the monster hit reality show has run its course. She expressed her feeling the show should perhaps ends soon so it can “go out on top.” There’s one guy who couldn’t disagree more, however, and that’s The Dawg -- American Idol 2013 judge Randy Jackson.

“This show could go as long as they really want it to go -- I mean, you look at even the numbers now,” he told Access Hollywood. “It’s the greatest [show] of its kind.”

As Nigel Lythgoe promoted in the preseason, Randy also boasted about the show’s star-making power, referring to it as the show’s “afterlife.” As he put it, “the afterlife is amazing when you look at the careers of Jennifer Hudson, you look at the career of Kelly Clarkson.”

As the powers that be behind shows like The Voice and X-Factor likely contemplate, Access Hollywood asked Randy why it is Idol turns out more stars than its competition. Randy gave the same answer as Nigel, in that other shows focus too much on its judges.

“When we started ‘Idol,’ nobody knew who we [the judges] were. We were not famous names! So we could be brutally, totally honest with people without worrying about whatever preceded us in our careers...” Uh, Paula Abdul might have something to say about that theory.

Randy might have a point about previous seasons before Idol started bringing on A-listers like Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler to sit behind the judges’ table. Now it certainly feels like the show has shifted to focus a lot more on the judges than it used to, especially with all the feuding between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey featured in the press.

Now that the show has started, do you think the show is putting enough focus on the contestants?

Source: Access Hollywood

01.24.2013 / 11:47 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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