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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: What Is The Initiative’s Ultimate Plan?

Revenge’s big bad this season on is nowhere near as flawless as Victoria Grayson, but Americon Initiative is occasionally even more goosebump-inducing.

This mysterious, evil terrorist organization has big plans for taking down the world one socialite at a time. Many years ago, they were responsible for the downing of Flight 197, which was ultimately blamed on David Clarke, thus starting Emily Thorne’s entire quest for vengeance.

Now they’re up to an even bigger plan, and this time it involves Nolan Ross and a very important piece of programming called Carrion. This piece of coding has the power to knock out all of the power in Manhattan in a millisecond.

With Padma Lahari trying to gain access to Nolan’s program, Ems is convinced The Initiative wants to use Carrion in their next disaster.

“The timing can’t be a coincidence,” she said in Sunday’s episode, “Collusion.” “Padma played an instrumental role in acquiring Nolcorp while seeking out Carrion, and now Daniel’s latest purchase is a disaster recovery firm.”

“That’s The Initiative’s master plan? Turning out the lights?” Nolan asked.

“What concerns me is what happens when they do … ” Emily continued.

Since The Initiative’s last excursion involved downing an airplane with hundreds of innocents, we’re scared to see what they have planned next and how it will involve our favorite Hamptonites.

Do you think The Initiative will succeed in acquiring all of the Carrion program? Tell us below!

01.24.2013 / 02:47 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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