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Revenge’s Barry Sloane Talks Making Out With Emily Vancamp in Front of Josh Bowman

We’re currently entrenched in the love triangle between Emily Thorne, Aiden Mathis, and Daniel Grayson on Revenge, but in real life, actor Josh Bowman is the only one for Ems.

The sexy Brit has been forced to step aside this season as another Brit charms his way into Emily Thorne’s heart. Barry Sloane plays Aiden Mathis on our favorite shoreside drama, and his character’s intense connection to Ms. Thorne has landed him several makeout session and bedroom scenes in the past few episodes.

So how does Josh handle his co-star macking on his real-life girlfriend, Emily VanCamp? Like a professional, of course!

“Me and Josh get on well so it’s actually more awkward for just the two people working on the scene on set,” Barry told OMG! Insider.

“I hear you, but that’s still your guy’s girl,” the reporter joked.

“Well he doesn’t tend to stand and watch. It’s all acting!” Barry responded.

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And even though Barry’s free to use his native accent, Josh is playing American Daniel Grayson. So does the proximity affect Josh’s accent?

“He’s got a strong American accent, he’s so good at it, he’s not going to lose that,” Barry said.
“People in the UK wouldn’t even know he was British if they didn’t already know him.”

It sounds like these two get along quite nicely. It also doesn’t hurt that Aiden seems to be on his way out of Emily’s life. Do you like Emily with Aiden or Daniel more? Tell us below!

Source: OMG! Insider