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Should Castle’s Detective Esposito Pick Lanie or Scarlet?

Much to Esplanie fans’ disapproval, Javier Esposito’s eyes zeroed in on Scarlet Jones, the badass bodyguard who ultimately couldn’t protect her own client. Though we didn’t see her in the final scenes of this week’s Castle episode, we can’t count her out for good. If College Girls Gone Crazy’s CEO, Beau Randolph, could make a reappearance, so could the femme fatale.

Love it or hate it, Scarlet and Espo’s spark was undeniable from the beginning. Who knew the ability to break bones would be such a turn on? We could all tell Espo wanted to test those rough and tough skills off-duty. And what’s even more shocking is that not all of you are against this love connection, but what about our feisty medical examiner?

Our girl, Lanie, needs some serious screen time, because no one calls out a faster comeback than her. Things might have cooled down for these two over the years, but the Esplanie door was still kept wide open in Season 5, Episode 9 :“Secret Santa.” Espo, it’s after the holidays, bro. Knock already. Opposites attract for a reason.

Now, it’s your turn to weigh in. Do you think it’s the right time for Esplanie to give it another shot, or should Espo follow his libido on over to Scarlet’s place? Let us know your thought below.