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The X Factor

Tate Stevens Reveals the Name of His First Single!

Oh, Tate Stevens, where have you been, our sweet prince? In the recording studio? Got it. Nevermind! Carry on!

Ever since The X Factor Season 2 wrapped over a month ago (wow has it already/only been that long!?), we’ve been sleeping with our cowboy hats under our pillows (not as uncomfortable as you’d think), and practicing our two-step everywhere we go (just as uncomfortable as you’d think). And we’re happy to say, the time has finally come for Tate Nation to get raucous.

During the February 10, 2013 Grammys, Tate will debut a piece of his brand spankin’ new song, “Holler If You’re With Me,” which was produced by Pepsi as part of his prize. "The whole concept is just people getting together, having a big bonfire party. That's the idea – you're going to a Tate Stevens concert, or party, in the middle of nowhere,” Tate tells Rolling Stone (via Yahoo Music). We’d hit that.

So, is this his first official single? Not necessarily. Good guy Tate loves the party anthem but may not birth it into the world as his first child (sorry, Tate’s actual children). He has completed four songs for his debut album so far, and one of them seems to be the frontrunner. The song is called “Ordinary Angels,” and Tater says it is "probably a really strong candidate for a first single. It's got a great message behind it." The single is likely going to be released by the end of February.

So, will the whole album be country? At first we were like “it would be so fun to mix it up!” but we’re a little worried that if Tate has too much control, it’s gonna get ugly. "In my live shows I do some Journey and some Foreigner just to be different. How many dudes in a cowboy hat are gonna sing 'Separate Ways'? I do in my show."

None, Tate. None guys.

Source: Rolling Stone (via Yahoo Music)

01.24.2013 / 07:47 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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