The Lying Game’s Blair Redford on Ethan and Emma Getting Back Together: “Anything Can Happen” — Exclusive
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The Lying Game

The Lying Game’s Blair Redford on Ethan and Emma Getting Back Together: “Anything Can Happen” — Exclusive

There may be a new bad boy shaking things up in Phoenix, but our hearts will always be drawn to the brooding, floppy-haired charm of Ethan Whitehorse (Blair Redford).

Season 2 of The Lying Game finds Ethan dealing with some difficulties in school and in his love life. Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively spoke to Blair at the “Bands for Beds” fundraiser in Hollywood, an event to raise money for Bethlehem Parents Primary School in Uganda hosted by his co-star, Charisma Carpenter.

Our favorite Lying Game hunk dished about his character’s dark place this season, and what the future holds for Ethan and Emma in Season 2!

What’s it like working with Alexandra [Chando] as both Emma and Sutton?
It’s a trip. It’s like working with someone who has a split personality. You get used to them acting one way and then you move on to the next scene and they’re acting like a completely different person and she pulls it off seamlessly. She’s very convincing.

Do you think Ethan and Emma will get back together?
On a show like ours, I think there’s as much possibility of that happening as any matchup happening. On these type of shows, Sutton can end up with Dan, for all anybody knows. Anything can happen but I think the fans would like to keep that a possibility and I think it’s still a possibility in those characters’ minds as well.

Can you give us any teasers about Ethan and Sutton?
That has a lot of history and it’s hard to get rid of history and I think that’s always going to bring them back together. They have a familiarity with each other and you’ll definitely see them doing a lot of work together this year.

Well, what can you tell me about Ethan’s evolution in upcoming episodes?
I think we returned on Ethan as he is in a very dark place. He’s sort of been pushed out of the life of Emma so he’s turned to the bottle and his bike. It’s not a good combination — drinking and riding around on the bike too fast and you can expect to see him go through that and him try to figure out I think what to do with Emma and watch him decide whether or not he can deal with not having her.

Will he ever move out of that trailer?
[Laughs] You know what? Me and Tyler [Christopher], who plays my brother, we always joke about that. I have like three different motorcycles and a jeep and a computer [laughs] and we still live in the desert in a trailer. I’d like to think that we just enjoy living out there, like those are the type of guys that like their peace and quiet. I don’t know of any plans to move the Whitehorse home at the moment.

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