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Jersey Shore

Why Is Jionni Leaving Snooki and Lorenzo For Three Days?!

By now, we know that Snooki’s little family likes to stick together as much as possible, but she and baby Lorenzo will be alone for a few days as Jionni LaValle heads out of state.

But where is Big Daddy heading without his brood? Florida!

Yep, Jionni’s going to shake off his winter coat for a few days and soak up some rays in the Sunshine State for what he says will be a “nice 3-day vacation.”

If it seems odd that his fiancée and son won’t be joining him on the trip, don’t worry — he did admit he’s gonna miss ‘em, writing, “Florida bound! Going to miss @snooki & my son!”

Usually, it’s Snooks who’s jet-setting around the country, so color us a little surprised that Jionni’s the one leaving this time!

Do you think Jionni should have brought Snooki and Lorenzo with him, or does he deserve a dad-cation? Sound off below!