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American Idol

Best “NickiNames” and What American Idol 2013 Would Look Like If the Judges Played Nice

It was supposed to be the argument of the decade if not the century -- the showdown between American Idol 2013 judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. If you watched last night’s show, however, you know that, thanks to FOX edits, there was nary more than a fizzle. Hrmph. Something else emerged, though, that was just as entertaining, and that was the start of the “NickiNames”. And it’s not a trend until it’s a Twitter trend, which it is (#nickinames).

Someone on YouTube already took the liberty of creating a an American Idol 2013 'NickiNames' montage, so let’s take a look at some of the standouts:

Cucaracha (did the person know this means cockroach?)
Mushroom (this one was spot-on!)
Secret Squirrel (what?)
Lady Bug (which she doles out liberally)
Finger Lickin’ Good (easily one of the best)

And, of course, who could forget last night’s Collard Greens, Tom Cruise, Bunny, Boobies and... Frog-Killer? (those poor, disabled frogs)

It kind of makes you want to get your own “Nickiname,” doesn’t it?

Ellen DeGeneres took a look at the judges on her show, too, putting together this video with cutaways that gives you a glimpse of what the show would look like if the judges were nothing but nice. Shivers. We kind of already had that last season, didn’t we?

We’re three episodes deep -- what do you think of the new judging panel?

Sources:, YouTube

01.25.2013 / 02:17 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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