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Is Glee’s Klaine Getting Back Together? Chris Colfer Compares Them to Another Legendary Couple

Kurt and Blaine’s relationship on Glee has seemed to be on the “do not resuscitate” list in the first half of Season 4, but the couple may soon be breathing new life when the season returns. Clear!

“I think eventually [they’ll get back together],” Chris Colfer tells Access Hollywood Live about the future of Klaine. Hooray! Note to Chris: We’re now holding you to this.

The actor says that he gets the same destined-to-be-together vibe about Kurt and Blaine that he gets from a certain Grey’s Anatomy couple. “They’re kinda like Meredith and Derek, or the Fran [Drescher] and Mr. Sheffield [of The Nanny],” Chris says.

Awesome! Or in the words of the great Fran Drescher: Oh my gawd!

“Like, you know they’re going to get together eventually,” he continues. “They’re just, you know, taking time.” [UPDATE: It looks like "eventually" might be happening sooner than we thought!"

So although we wish Klaine was back together now, this at least provides us with some hope for the future. And by the way, kudos to Chris for casually squeezing in that reference to The Nanny. Well done, sir.

Source: Access Hollywood Live