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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Says Phaedra Parks “Crossed an Unforgivable Line”: What Pushed Her Over the Edge?

As Cynthia Bailey has already stated, this whole Booty Brawl between Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks shows no signs of slowing down — and even intensifies during this Sunday’s episode — and now Kenya is calling Phae-Phae out for some particularly damaging comments.

In this week’s blog, Kenya states, “This is where she crossed an unforgivable line. Phaedra stated that I ‘drink like a fish, I was drunk, my booty is fake, and I’m bipolar.’ ALL BOLDFACE LIES!”

But Kenya goes far beyond just refuting Phaedra’s outlandish claims — she addresses them one by one and details exactly why they are incorrect.

“I’ve NEVER been drunk a day in my life,” she maintains. “This is so absurd and hateful it’s laughable.”

Kenya even defends her much-discussed booty, noting, “My behind is REAL. I work hard for this body and it’s built from sweat and dedication to fitness, not a plastic surgeon’s scalpel.” As crazy as this feud is, we must admit that Kenya does have an enviable bod.

And while she seemed annoyed at the allegations that she has a drinking problem and a fake behind, Ms. Moore is downright mad that Phaedra said she could suffer from a mental disorder.

“I have no mental disorder or chemical imbalance and have never been diagnosed with nor taken any anti-psychotic medications,” she declares. In fact, Kenya was so infuriated by Phaedra’s insinuation that she could have a mental illness, that she hinted at a possible lawsuit in the future. Uh-oh!

She writes, “Any competent attorney knows asserting negative and false opinions as facts is actionable for a defamation of character and slander lawsuit”, and while that isn’t a direct threat, it’s obvious that we haven’t seen the last of this argument. Don’t mess with Kenya!

Do you think Kenya will lawyer up and sue Phaedra, or is she bluffing? Sound off below!