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Gossip Girl

Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick on What They Miss Most About Gossip Girl: “Each Other”

When we found out that Gossip Girl onscreen loves Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) and Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) would be reuniting in Thailand, we were beside ourselves with joy. In fact, our fingers are still sore from all the fanfic writing we banged out in response to this glorious news.

But, when we found out they were hanging out at a mall opening, we were a little worried for both of the sexy stars. (How does one end up as the face of a new mall? No, seriously, we really want to know.) But it turns out, all our worry was for naught. They both showed up looking gorgeous and their chemistry was as strong as ever.

When asked what he missed most since the show wrapped last month, Ed quickly said “Each other,” according to Bangkok Post. Sah-woon! He may have been joking a little, but they both acknowledged that their greatest love left over from the show isn’t each other (sorry guys), but rather the city that served as the backdrop for six years.

It is a fantastic city that I have had the privilege to live in and work in for six years. Of course, people that I have met and worked with. And, the crazy stories, you know,” Ed says. Wait! What are these stories? We need to know.

Although the press failed to get details on these super steamy (just using our imagination) stories, they did get Ed to talk about his sexiest body part. Ed reveals, “I like my left foot, because I play a lot of soccer and I scored a lot of goals with it, so that will be that.”

Funny, cuz that’s not the part of our body that now feels blue.

Source: Bangkok Post

01.25.2013 / 06:21 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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