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Mad Men Season 6 Spoilers: “Megan’s Independence Was Really a Disappointment” For Don

Don Draper is not a modern man. There’s a reason his drink of choice is an Old Fashioned.

Mad Men Season 6 is returning on Sunday, April 7 with a two-hour premiere starting at 9 p.m. on AMC. Showrunner Matthew Weiner told Entertainment Weekly the timeline will jump “more than a week,” but that’s all he’ll say. Actually, he said the premiere is constructed like a film, in that it’s its own story and foreshadows the rest of the season.

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Weiner talked to EW about Don’s journey this season, which will explore an “internal dynamic.” Since fans know this guy so well, “what he does is never going to surprise them. How he does it and why he does it should surprise them.”

A lot of fans felt they didn’t know who Don was on Season 5, since he married Megan and let her take over the show his life.

As Weiner added to EW, “He was in the glow of that marriage and interestingly enough — and it hasn’t really been commented on much other than from audience members that I talk to — Megan’s independence was really a disappointment for him. It really changed his fantasy of what that relationship would be. Is he threatened by it? Is that the thing that drives him to be unfaithful? I don’t know. [...] A lot of last season was told from the outside of Don, seeing him try to act like the person who was in that relationship. And there was supposed to be something about that last moment of [the Season 5 finale] where Don turns to the camera where you are back on the inside with him and I can say that it is an internal story this season. It’s what I’m interested in this point.”

What are you interested in? What would you like to see happen for Don? He and Megan still seem to be together — and they even go to Hawaii at some point in Season 6 — but do you think he’ll return to his cheating ways? Do you think Betty will get smug about it, if that happens? Old Don or New Don — which guy do you prefer?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

01.25.2013 / 12:44 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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