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The Taylor Swift Boob Job Rumor Has Returned

Some rumors never die, they just wait for their chance to strike again.

Last April, some photos of Taylor Swift emerged that led folks to speculate that she was curvier than usual — as in, she'd had breast augmentation. That boob job rumor was busted, but it has been revived again, because Taylor was recently spotted looking bustier than usual.

(Yes, even with all the good deeds she does, boobs and boyfriends are still top Taylor topics. Take a moment to cry for us all.)

In Touch ran side-by-side before and after photos, and some plastic surgeon who never worked on Taylor looked at her People's Choice Awards side boob and said it looked like she went from an A-cup to B-cup. His "telltale" sign? "You can see the implants." They also wondered if she had a scar, which the doc said "sometimes happens right after an augmentation." Taylor was just at a Spanish awards show on Thursday, and the words "curvier than usual" were revived again, in reference to her wardrobe.

It seemed like just good wardrobe enhancements at work, so we were surprised when
Fox News issued a poll asking "Do you think Taylor Swift got breast implants?" and these were the results:

• Yes, definitely. 42.25% (4,494 votes)
• No way. 31.28% (3,327 votes)
• Not sure. 26.47% (2,815 votes)

Yes, that many people voted — and most think she did boost the boobage. Instead of talking to plastic surgeons, maybe they should just talk to those Double Divas “boob whisperers” on Lifetime. They could tell you all the ways to make your boobs look bigger without going under the knife.

Sources: Fox News, Jezebel

01.25.2013 / 11:49 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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