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The Bachelorette

Is Kalon McMahon Still Hung Up on Lindzi Cox? A Scientific Analysis

We're still sad-facing about Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox's breakup. These two parted ways on January 6th after falling in love during their stint on Bachelor Pad 3, and they were hot n' heavy for months after!

Sadly, Kalon and Lindzi ended their 'ship because he lives in California and she lives in Seattle, and it looks like Kalon is the reason for the split. "I was willing to go the extra mile but unfortunately Kalon wasn't in a position to meet me halfway," Lindzi told Wetpaint Entertainment. "Without communication and trust, it’s just hard to continue to build a healthy relationship."

Clearly, Kalzone wasn't willing to make the extra effort — but is he still hung up on Lindzi? Check out this dude's Twitter page — it's been almost a month since his breakup, yet he's still using a photo of himself and Lindzi snuggling as the background pic!

Either there's more to this breakup than meets the eye (what meets the eye is Kalon shirtless with a dog), or Kalon still has unresolved feelings for Lindzi. Fingers crossed! We loved this couple together, and we'd give anything to see them reunite!

Source: Twitter