Nashville’s Connie Britton: 5 Things to Know
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Nashville’s Connie Britton: 5 Things to Know

It's Connie Britton's world and we're just living in it, y'all. This actress-turned-songstress is stealing the spotlight as Rayna Jaymes on Nashville, and we're dying to know more about her. Check out 5 fun facts about Connie and her dynamic career!

1. She Was Roomies With Lauren Graham
Connie and Lauren shared a room back in ye olden times when they were both struggling to make it in the industry. They parted ways when Connie landed a role on Spin City and Lauren nabbed a part on Caroline In The City. That's right, Connie was basically a Gilmore Girl.

2. Starred in Friday Night Lights
Connie is probably most famous for her role as Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights (which was cancelled in 2011). She was nominated for two (count 'em!) Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress thanks to her work on the series.

3. She's Vegan
Please put away your box of Meat Lovers Pizza. It has no place in this article. Yep, Connie is a vegan, which might be why she's rocking such a fabulous body. "I'm in an environment where I have a lot of information about how to stay healthy and live a good life," she tells Redbook. "I love vegan and raw food, I love to exercise."

4. She's Super Smart
Connie majored in Asian studies at Dartmouth College and even spent a summer abroad studying Chinese in Beijing! And yes, she was a huge theater nerd during this phase, obviously.

5. She Was in American Horror Story
Connie starred alongside Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange as Vivian in Season 1 of American Horror Story. In fact, Connie was the very first celebrity to be cast in the show, so she must have made quite an impression.

Bonus: She's a Single Mom!
After wrapping up American Horror Story, Connie took some time off to focus on raising her son, Eyob (pronounced "Yoby"), who was adopted from Ethiopia in November 2011.

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