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The Kardashians

Should Kris Humphries Pay Kim Kardashian’s Legal Fees?

If there could be a subtitle for every headline about the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries divorce, it would be “mo’ money, mo’ problems.”

Some reports said that Kim offered Kris $10 million to settle the divorce quickly, which he rejected. Others that Kris demanded a $7 million payoff to get the settlement ball rolling. Now, however, TMZ is reporting that Kim is so pissed over the endless legal battle that she wants Kris to pay her legal fees!

And that stuff ain’t cheap: legal fees on both sides of this divorce have reportedly added up to about $250,000 each.

Where does Kris stand on all this? He is reportedly still trying to get an annulment on the grounds that Kim defrauded him, but TMZ adds that Kim is totally happy to take the case in front of a judge, “because she's convinced she'll win the divorce and he'll walk away owing her.”

What do you think, should Kris pay for Kim’s lawyers, if he is refusing to end things quickly?

Source: TMZ