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The Vampire Diaries

Stefan or Damon: Who Does Paul Wesley Think Elena Should End Up With on The Vampire Diaries?

If there is one place in the world we wouldn’t want to be, it’s in the middle of a fight between these two camps of The Vampire Diaries fans: Delena lovers and Stelena lovers. But the St- himself, Paul Wesley, isn’t afraid to weigh in! So, Paul, which Salvatore should Elena (Nina Dobrev) end up with, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) or Stefan?

"I think Elena should probably end up with herself," Paul told Ology recently. “I think there are pros and cons for her being with either brother, and I think ultimately the brothers should choose themselves in a sense. Decide to sort of be selfless."

Hold up, Paul. If Damon and Stefan both don’t get the girl, what will become of them? Don’t worry, he has plenty of opinions on how TVD should wrap up — and no, it doesn’t involve Stefan finding the cure for vampirism and living happily ever after.

"I don't like that!" he said. "God, you're going to hate me for saying this. I think Stefan and Damon should ultimately perish in the end because they've just done so many bad things. I think them going on to become humans and living a nice life and going to college is sort of weird. The story needs to end on a level of redemption for all the darkness. Otherwise, they're all still going to be miserable."

Where these vamps end up is anyone’s guess, especially after the romantic rollercoaster that has been the Salvatore-Elena-Salvatore love triangle. But whatever happens, Paul, just remember one thing: We could never hate you.

Source: Ology