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The Vampire Diaries

What to Expect From Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 12: “A View to a Kill” — A Detailed Analysis of the Promo Video

If last week’s promo was all about the little Gilbert, the one for The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 12, “A View to a Kill” has a certain Original’s cute (but menacing) mug all over it. We’ll take you through it, second by second.

0:01 “I want Jeremy to kill Kol
We hope Elena is talking on a secure line. Being a vampire is basically the same as being in the CIA, right?

0:02 Is Bonnie on board?
The witch thinks Elena’s plan is crazier than Shane.

0:05 Purposefully bad
Aw, look at the new Damon. Still bad, but only when there’s a reason!

0:08 Cross bro’d
Jeremy aims his weapon. If that’s the pizza guy at the door, he’s in for a nasty shock.

0:09 Matt’s there?
We love you, dude, but it’s just not safe at the Gilberts right now.

0:10 Kol(d) call
When an Original’s at your door, always, always pretend to be away on vacation.

0:12 Door buster
Of course, said Original will probably be even angrier when he kicks down the door and sees you standing there with a crossbow.

0:13 The oldest trick in the book.
A dagger in the boot? Classic times!

0:14 – 0:16 Klaus breaks it down.
Someone’s mad at his baby-faced brother.

0:17 Orange-light fight
Choke. Hold.

0:18 – 0:19 “We need Bonnie’s help.”
We’re on to you, Jer. Someone misses their ex-witch.

0:20 Kol, at vamp speed
Look out, Bonnie!

0:21 – 0:23 “No one can get to the cure if you’re too dead to find it.”
Now would be a great time to inflict one of your witchy migraines, Bon.

01.26.2013 / 06:08 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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