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16 and Pregnant’s Nikkole Paulun Hospitalized After Car Accident — Is Baby Lyle OK?!

16 and Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun gave fans quite a scare after getting into a near-fatal car accident with her son, Lyle. This gal lost control of her wheels while driving in a severe snowstorm, skidded off the road and nearly flipped over!

"Me & Lyle NEARLY DIED because I got into an accident last night," Nikkole writes on Sulia. "I was driving down a road with a big curve and it was snowing really bad. I wasn't driving very fast but when I began to turn the wheel for the curve my wheels didn't turn and I then panicked and slammed on the breaks. I took out two road signs and went down into a ditch at a 90 degree angle. My car was literally on it's side."

Luckily, neither Nikkole or Lyle were seriously injured –– in fact Lyle was a total champ! "Lyle said what the HECK was that," Nikkole continues. "He was surprisingly calm … I called my mom but when I was waiting another car began to slide and if they wouldn't have stopped a few seconds sooner they would've landed on us! I hit my head pretty good too so I had to go to the hospital but me and Lyle are both ok. My car needs to be checked out and fixed but I'm just happy that everyone is safe."

Phew! We're so relieved that both Nikkole and her adorable kiddo are safe and sound. Driving in snow storms is never a good idea, so hopefully girlfriend will stay clear of bad weather next time she hits the road!

Source: Sulia

01.28.2013 / 08:52 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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