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Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Get in Violent Fight Over Parking Space: Report

It’s funny how often the words "Chris Brown" and "fight" end up in the same sentence.

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got into a brawl last night, reports TMZ, and sources close to Chris tell the site that Frank started the fight, and Frank alleges that Chris hit him. According to the story, Chris was at a recording studio in the L.A. area on Sunday, January 27, and when he tried to leave, Frank and his crew blocked him from going. The CB sources tell TMZ that Frank said, "This is my studio, this is my parking spot." According to these sources, Chris went to shake Frank's hand, and one of Frank's crew attacked Chris. Then one of Chris's friends jumped in front and hit Frank's friend. These Chris sources say Frank then came at Chris, and Chris pushed Frank away, and then they started brawling. It all sounds very classy and reasonable.

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However, this is now a he said/he said, because TMZ got updates from the police. When they arrived, Chris was not there, but they spoke to Frank. They referred to Frank as the victim since he was the one who stayed and spoke to the police.

According to Frank, the fight did start over a parking space — and he says Chris punched him. There were six people reportedly involved in the fight over this highly coveted spot. (Was it marked in gold?) No arrests have been made, and at this point no one seems to want to press charges.

Even Lindsay Lohan is probably shaking her head over these guys. They should all be put in time out, but instead they'll just keep on making millions of dollars. Enjoy the crazy world we live in!

Source: TMZ

01.28.2013 / 05:06 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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