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The Walking Dead

Hines Ward on His Zombie Role For The Walking Dead Season 3: “I Actually Scared Myself”

Hines Ward will be living out our zombie fantasies when The Walking Dead Season 3 returns (starting February 10 on AMC).

We first heard about the Super Bowl champion — and Dancing With the Stars Season 12 winner — getting zombie-fied back in early November, but apparently his big showcase won’t happen until the back half of this season. BuzzFeed teased a photo of Hines in full makeup, plus a video with IronE Singleton (RIP, T-Dog!) joking that Hines will probably be the fastest zombie ever to be on the show. Hines and IronE are old University of Georgia teammates. Between IronE and his agent, Hines managed to nab a spot on TWD.

“The show is so popular, and I thought it would be cool, so I agreed. And I had a blast doing it,” Hines told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (via The Evening Sun), adding, "It was an amazing experience. Just being in makeup preparing me for my role was cool. I actually scared myself when I looked in the mirror for the first time after.” (Check out a photo of zombie Hines here.)

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Hines also had a cameo in The Dark Knight Rises. Which would be cooler to you — being in a Batman movie or appearing as a zombie on TWD? And how the heck did he get so lucky?

Sources: The Evening Sun, BuzzFeed

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