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The Kardashians

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami — Top Quotes From Season 3, Episode 3: “My Milk is Like Gold”

Between his ever-growing love affair with bestie Chapman, his dramatic relationship with gf Kourtney Kardashian and an unlikely new friendship with a lesbian named Dani, Scott Disick was in rare form on this week’s Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. On top of that, Kourtney seems perma-pissed at Scott for all his socializing, and Kim Kardashian and bff Jonathan Cheban spent their time pulling off the Great Breast Milk Caper, swiping Kourtney’s milk supply as a natural remedy for Kim’s psoriasis. Sound ridiculous? It was. Below, our favorite quotes from this week’s episode.

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10. Can’t fight this feeling.
Scott: “I’m having an unbelievable conversation with the lesbians. I get them. They get me.”

9. Wait, what did they steal?
Jonathan: “I’m frickin’ Bonnie & Clyde with breast milk.”

8. “With really, really good hair.”
Scott: “We’re like three peas in a pod over here. A very weird, weird pod.”

7. Ah, the old ‘cat wanted some milk’ trick.
Kim: “We could take the cat and be like, ‘the cat wanted some milk.’”
Jonathan: “God you’re smart.”

6. Yep.
Scott: “I’ve always wanted to be a waterboy on a football team. Is that weird?”

5. Uh oh, did someone just make sense?
Dani: “Girls like to drag it on, too, that’s probably why she always does it. That means they care too. She stops bitching, you’re in trouble.”

4. Yeah, who needs those Cartier bracelets.
Kourtney: “My milk is like gold.”

3. Fair is fair.
Kourtney: “Jonathan, I’ll pump if you pump.”

2. That’s also awkward...not alone.
Scott: “That would be so awkward by myself, rolling up to like a bar. ‘Your boat is called Les’boat?’ I’d be like ‘that’s right, and I’ve got Gaylord at home.”’

1. “You better get used to it, mama!” - Obvious police
Kim: “Ew, Kourtney! That is so disgusting that you can just squeeze that and have it come out. Can you rub it in? I’m not comfortable like, fresh out the boob.”