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The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation Reacts to Sean and Selma’s Date: You Come on The Bachelor and Can’t Kiss?

In The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 4, Sean Lowe took Selma Alameri on a one-on-one date that, at first glance, looked like our worst nightmare. The lovebirds strapped on some gurneys and grunted their way up a mountain in the desert, with Selma’s boobs (strapped tight into the sports bra) stealing the show.

Then, after all the grueling physical exertion, Sean and Selma cuddle and vault through a different kind of ropes course: The emotional kind. Turns out, Selma’s conservative Iraqi heritage prohibits her from kissing while dating. This admission sent our beloved Bachelor Nation internet BFFs into a tizzy on Twitter.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite commentary about Sean and Selma’s date (shout out to our girl Ashley Spivey, who keeps it vulgar real):

Ashley S.@AshleySpivey
I gotta be honest. This date is boring and I’m just staring at Selma’s titties the whole time. #Bachelor

Chris Bukowski@chrisjbukowski
Selma's boob was literally just in her throat. #bachelor

Ashley S.@AshleySpivey
@Millsy11374 it ain’t the Bachelor if there isn’t some random pussy up in those shots. #catsforeal

Dana Weiss@Possessionista
Sean takes Selma rock climbing. Then a trailer park. Then they finish up the night with slurpees and swisher sweets at 7-11 #bachelor

Jennifer Weiner@jenniferweiner
Sean and Selma snuggle in an RV park. Truly, this date is a Jewish girl's nightmare. #bachelor

Chris Bukowski@chrisjbukowski
Selma does not kiss on national TV... AKA Selma will not be on Bachelor Pad 4. #Bachelor

Nick Peterson@PeetysTraining
Whoops. Really? Come on the bachelor and can't kiss? Really?

West Lee@NotthatAdamWest
Selma says she can't kiss Sean. But she didn't say anything about heavy petting. #Bachelor

01.29.2013 / 07:05 AM EDT by Whitney Ricketts
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