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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe Gives Tierra LiCausi a Rose, Bachelor Nation Cries Foul: “NOOOOO!”

Sean Lowe’s only fault is that he’s endlessly hopeful, so much so that he’s the last person on Earth convinced Bachelor Season 17 contestant Tierra LiCausi isn’t the devil. In The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 4, Tierra up and decided she was “over” not being the center of attention and pulled Sean aside. Girl obviously forgot about the fact she signed up to compete with girls for a man on television.

While Sean seemingly found Tierra’s dramatic meltdown endearing (savior complex much?), Bachelor Nation rightly found it terrifying. In fact, Sean’s sister tweeted her four-year-old daughter’s reaction, which echoed our own: “Nooooooooo!” Here’s a roundup of the best Twitter reactions post-Tierra tsunami:

West Lee@NotthatAdamWest
"Girls need to start becoming women," says the chick who is threatening to take her ball and go home. #Bachelor
Chris Bukowski@chrisjbukowski
Cue the Michael Meyers music.. Tierra is on the loose! #Bachelor
Jennifer Weiner@jenniferweiner
"Can I go? I want to leave." Aw, Tierra. Where are you gonna go in hotpants and heels in the middle of the night in LA? #bachelor
Dana Weiss@Possessionista
If Tierra goes home, SEan will always wonder. And also, the#Bachelor will be so boring.
J.P. Rosenbaum@JP_Rosenbaum
Insecurity is such a turn on #Bachelor
John Wolfner@jwolfner
You know a true sign of a player. To take a girl from tears to smiles in under 30 seconds.
Rachel Truehart@RachTrue_
$20 say Tierra is being the girl who threatens to leave just so she can get time w Sean...I wonder who gets the rose...I mean really?
Jaclyn Swartz@JaclynSwartz
These girls are so weird that there literally has been a producer cameo in every episode. #bachelor
John Wolfner@jwolfner
Tierra will you accept this rose? Things I would never say.
Nick Peterson@PeetysTraining
Tierra may be playing dirty...but she's playing the game. Unfortunately it's not supposed to be a "game". That's Bachelor Pad.
Mix and Match Mama@MixandMatchMama
Kensington is saying "oh my gosh Uncle @SeanLowe09 ! Noooooo!!"#Bachelor

01.29.2013 / 07:48 AM EDT by Whitney Ricketts
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