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The Bachelorette

Blake Julian Takes Wife Holly Durst to University of Kansas Basketball Game!

We have a lot in common with Holly Durst and Blake Julian. A love for roller derby, an appreciation for Chris Harrison's innovative hair care, and an addiction to tanning. But guys? Apparently these two are into something called "sports," and they recently hit up University of Kansas for a Jayhawks basketball game!

We're not sure how basketball works (unless shirts and skins are involved), but Holly and Blake are all about getting into the team spirit. "Rock chalk Jayhawk! #GoKu" Holly tweeted along with an adorable photo of her and Blake cheesin' for the camera.

Turns out "rock chalk Jayhawk" is some kind of epic siren cry for people who are into Kansas-style basket ball, which makes sense considering that Blake went to University of Kansas (and then University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry). Way to root for the home team, you two!

Source: Twitter