Can Sean Lowe and Selma Alameri Be Together Despite Religious Differences?
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The Bachelor

Can Sean Lowe and Selma Alameri Be Together Despite Religious Differences?

We’ve always thought that Sean Lowe is so holy (not “moly,” mmkay Leslie?) that the only thing standing between him and love Chez Bachelor would be finding a girl who’s not religious enough for him. Well, enter Persian beauty Selma Alameri and her conservative Muslim family and we have quite another quandary on our hands.

In a recent interview, Sean expressed that because his Christian faith is front and center in his life, it would be impossible for him not to be with somebody who shares his beliefs. It makes sense, considering how involved he is with the Big Man (no, not Chris Harrison), and how much of a family man he is. He’ll want to raise his kids in the church, so a Christian woman is who he’s really looking for.

But Selma, you guys, in case you haven’t noticed, is smoking hot. Sure, girlfriend hates nature (can you blame her?) but we’re sure throwing her into a terrifying rock climbing scenario really helped with that one. Problem is, even born-again virgin Sean was trying to lay one on her and Selma had to refuse because her mother would “die” if she kissed anyone on national television.

Obviously, her religion is super important to her and her family, and her family’s opinion means the world to her. Do you think this is a deal breaker for both of them? Or would they be able to get past their differences if they fell in love? Weigh in below.