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Teen Mom

Chelsea Misses Adam (and Frankie, Sob!): Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 11, “Breakdown”

Real talk: We're still not over Frankie the French Bulldog's untimely doom (no Uggs for you, Huskies!), and neither is Chelsea Houska. This feather-clad Teen Mom 2 has been living in Funky Town ever since her puppy died, and to make matters worse she hasn't been on a date since Adam forced her on top of that weird lawnmower he calls a dirt bike.

Being a single mom is hard, and Chel-Chel is quickly becoming the president of Sioux Falls' Lonely Hearts Club. Sure, she's doing well on her GEDs (woop woop!) and is moving into a new house (double woop woop!), but it's the first time in four years girlfriend hasn't spent Adam's birthday with him!

Poor Chels is all kinds of depressed (despite the fact that she invites a fleet of hotties over to distract her), and spends most of Adam's b-dizzle sobbing into a leopard-print pillow with mascara-colored stains dripping down her face.

Luckily, this gal is able to get her act together in time to study for her GEDs and it looks like she aced both tests! Math > dudes with chintees.