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Feeling Icky? New Stomach Flu Strain Is Sweeping the Nation

Ladybugs are cute. Flu bugs are not! And after the terrible flu season that’s been hitting the U.S., we’re about ready to start homeschooling our kids in an effort to keep them healthy. It’s either that or make them all start wearing surgical masks to school!

So in case we didn’t have enough on our hands trying to avoid little kid coughs and sneezes, there’s a new stomach virus that is running wild throughout the world and now the U.S. According to USA Today, the new strain of norovirus was responsible for 58% of reported stomach flu cases in December. Symptoms of the stomach bug include “nausea, forceful vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain,” says the USA Today report. Forceful vomiting? Lovely!

The new strain is called the GII4 Sydney virus and yep, you guessed it, it comes from Australia. Now, we love all things Australian — namely, Hugh Jackson and the Hemsworths — but we would have preferred a fourth sexy Hemsworth to the flu!

While it is very contagious, the only upside is that the GII4 Sydney virus doesn’t seem to be life threatening — just really, really nasty.

Since flu season won’t end until March, we’re in for a heck of a winter, but it already seems all anyone can talk about is the flu. And it’s making us sick!

Source: USA Today

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01.29.2013 / 02:03 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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