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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans Questions Andrew’s Paternity! Recap of Teen Mom 2, Season 3, Episode 11: “Breakdown”

Jenelle Evans has come a long way since she got knocked up by Andrew Lewis. Not only did this gal pop out an adorable son named Jace, but she also made friends with a mysterious swamp creature (Kieffer Delp), developed a weird fetish for Olive Garden, and got herself a tramp stamp!

Girlfriend has done a whole lot of soul searching over these past two years, and she's finally come to terms with the fact that Andrew might not be the father of her kiddo. We know, shocking.

This week, Jenelle gets a phonecall from Andrew in which he declares his undying love (get in line, dude), and bonus — he wants to reunite with Jace! The problem? Turns out Jenelle hooked up with her bestie Tori's boyfriend after a physical argument with Andrew, and he might be the father of her baby. Sigh, Teen Mom problems.

This gal decides it's high time to get a paternity test, but will Andrew agree? Heck yeah — especially since he doesn't think Jace is his biological kiddo. Also, just want to point out that Andrew has no clue how old Jace is … epic daddy fail.

Somewhere, Maurey is shedding happy tears.