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Teen Mom

Leah and Jeremy Get Engaged … And Pregnant?! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 11: “Breakdown”

Like most West Virginia mountain mamaws, Leah Messer just can't stop popping out babies. And now that she and Jeremy Calvert have been dating for over a month, the time has come for them to vaycay in some backwoods shack and get engaged over an adorable plate of home-cooked flapjacks (Southern for pancakes)! Awww, these two.

Of course, now that Leah and Jeremy are hubby and wifey to-be, they need to bake a miniature hillbilly in Leah's baby oven. Because having two kids at the age of 17 just isn't enough. The more the merrier, guys!

Not only does Leah want Jeremy to plant his fruit in her looms, surprise! She might already pregnant. In fact, her stimulating conversation with Jeremy about baby-making probably knocked her up — that's how powerful their love is.

Turns out Leah removed her IUD (a fact she shares while some poor soul scrubs the calluses off her feet), and she's already experiencing morning sickness. So, is girlfriend actually pregs? You betcha!

Better start hand-knitting some camo baby booties …