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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump Tells Suzanne Somers She Doesn’t Need Help With Her Sex Drive, Thank You Very Much!

In the latest episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, fitness and health guru Suzanne Somers drops in on the ladies to share some of her secrets. Yolanda Foster invites Suzanne to lunch at her home in Malibu, along with Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. As they munch on chicken salad, Yolanda says she thought it would be “fun” for everyone to meet.

Kyle is excited to hang out with Suzanne and says she’s a big fan of her books. “I’m interested in the topics she talks about. She says basically if you eat the right food and eat the right vitamins, you can live forever.”

While Kyle is having a bit of hero worship, Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t even know what show Suzanne was on. She wants to know who Chrissy Snow is... Lisa is also not so excited about the whole idea of constantly shoving supplements down her throat. "I couldn't take 40 pills a day," Lisa says. "There's no way I could swallow that many pills in one day." She adds that she has "trouble swallowing," which is something her husband can verify... oh my!

Suzanne tells the ladies she hopes to be having plenty of hot sexual action right through her golden years and beyond. She says she hopes to be having sex when she’s 110! She and Yolanda try to corner Lisa about how much passion she still has going for her in the bedroom and how her hormones are doing. The new star of Vanderpump Rules isn’t having any of it though, she doesn’t think that’s one area of her life where she needs any advice!

“I’m running perfectly,” she says. It’s working guys. If it ain’t broken, don’t try and fix it.

Would you be wanting to still have sex when you are over 100? Like Lisa, I don’t want to think about my grandma doing that!