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The Kardashians

See the Most Disturbing Image From Last Night’s Kourtney & Kim Take Miami

Last night’s episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami was a pretty weird one, but nothing was more bizarre than Kim Kardashian’s fixation with her sister’s breast milk. Kim, with the help of pal Jonathan Cheban, kept swiping new mom Kourtney’s breast milk from the fridge, because she’d read it was a natural remedy for her psoriasis.

Seeing Kim dribble breast milk onto her ankles was a weird enough image to have in our brains, but then KKTM did us one better. Way, way better.

Jonathan Cheban used a breast pump.

How did this happen, you ask? Well, one of Kim’s gambits was to pretend that her kitten needed milk to drink, then convince Kourtney to supply it. That little bit of strategic genius didn’t work, but it did bring breast pumps into the conversation and Jonathan had questions.

Kim insisted on a show and tell, so Kourtney got out her double pump and said these famous last words: “Jonathan, I’ll pump if you pump.”

And HE DID! Jonathan strapped that bad boy on and soon had suction going on both nipples. Kim’s reaction was pretty extreme, but our own feelings weren’t far off: “Oh my god this is so disturbing, it’s going make me throw up! I cannot watch this.”

Just when we think there are no surprises left from these folks....

Source: UK Mirror

01.29.2013 / 03:49 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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