Vanderpump Rules Recap For Season 1, Episode 4: Shirtless and Skedaddle
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Vanderpump Rules Recap For Season 1, Episode 4: Shirtless and Skedaddle

Last week on Vanderpump Rules Season 1, Stassi and Jax reconciled for a night and then split again. Bartender Frank told her that Jax had cheated and gotten a girl pregnant. In Episode 4, “Vegas With a Vengeance,” the SUR waitress decides to forget her troubles with a birthday bash in Sin City.

Luckily for Stassi, she’s already suspended from SUR for missing one too many shifts, and her besties Katie and Kristen have gotten a few days off, too. Both Toms are accompanying their respective girlfriends to Vegas, as is another SUR employee, Peter.

As they prepare for the trip, Stassi asks Kristen to be nice to Frank. Jax has been disinvited from the trip; Stassi needs a date to her own birthday, hence Frank’s presence. “I think in a month or two months, you’re gonna be bored out of your mind,” Kristen predicts of Stassi’s relationship with the bartender.

Scheana is celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday with a cupcake, a side of SUR gossip, and not-so-subtle hints about wanting an engagement ring.

Two SUR employees, Jeremy and Jen, ask Lisa Vanderpump for time off to go to Stassi’s birthday in Vegas. This means Stassi doesn’t really like them, because she told all her best friends to ask for time off first. This way, Stassi could invite a bunch of people, but only the ones she really wanted there would be able to make it. Indeed, Lisa tells the unlucky workers that too many people have already been given the night off.

At Katie’s apartment, Stassi hears that Tom Sandoval and Kristen don’t believe Frank’s story about Jax. “You know how, like, intuitive I am,” Katie says, hinting that she doesn’t believe the bartender impregnated a girl, either. Stassi says Jax is a good liar, but Katie just thinks Frank wanted to get in the girl’s pants. This doesn’t phase Stassi: “A lot of people do,” she says.

None of Stassi’s friends will allow Frank in their car to Vegas, so the new couple has to drive separately. Katie and Kristen think she’ll feel stupid when Jax proves that he didn’t get anyone pregnant.

“You associate with nutjobs,” Frank tells Stassi. Alone in their vehicle, Katie and Kristen complain about their BFF, saying she’s choosing her boyfriend of five minutes over them. They also dislike Frank, because Jax had taken the bartender under his wing.

Stassi tells Frank that Katie and Kristen blame her for breaking up their group. She wants them to “pick Team Stassi,” but the girls insist they’re Team Truth.

Despite the fact that there’s tension with her friends, Stassi is still excited to get away from Jax. Little does she know, her ex-boyfriend is stashed away in the guys’ car. Jax knows exactly how to win her back: show up to Stassi’s party, without an invite. That seems to be the extent of his plan, and none of his friends have tried to talk him out of it. Look out, major Vanderpump Rules drama on the way!

Back at SUR, Scheana is mad that she has to work on her boyfriend’s birthday because everyone else is on a Vegas trip. Hey, he got that cupcake earlier...

Though they took separate cars, Stassi, Frank, Katie, and Kristen all arrive in Vegas at the same time. The two girls seem miffed that Stassi and Frank are sharing a room. “We’re not seven years old,” Stassi huffs to the camera. Later, the boys arrive and try to avoid running into the girls. Tom Sandoval didn’t even tell his girlfriend, Kristen, about Jax smuggling his way onto the Vegas trip.

When Stassi and Frank get to their room, Jax has flowers waiting. This gesture makes Stassi want to take a knife to her ex’s face and then send the bouquet to the girl he knocked up. However, Kristen and Katie say Jax was “sweet” for getting Stassi flowers.

The boys are already drinking. Peter wants to know the Jax and Stassi saga. The short version? It’s all a conspiracy. “I am being set up,” Jax insists. Yes, he did drugs, had sex, with a prostitute, and got a girl pregnant, but that was three years ago, before he met Stassi. Wait, we still don’t know if it was a prostitute he impregnated. Either way, Jax says Frank knew the story but twisted the facts to make it sound like Stassi had been cheated on. And no, there are no little Jax Juniors running around. The bartender flew back to Vegas to help the girl “take care of it.”

The gang, minus Jax, heads to Chippendales to watch some men strip down. Tom Sandoval is repulsed. Tom Schwartz fake vomits. The guys are “trying not to get splashed with bare ass and dude sweat,” says Tom Sandoval. Frank and Stassi make out. It’s Katie’s turn to gag.

In the limo, Stassi is crowned a princess by her loyal subjects. Kidding. The guys all refuse to say, “Hail Princess Stassi.”

Vanderpump Rules Recap For Season 1, Episode 4: Shirtless and Skedaddle
Credit: Bravo    

The night ends at a Moroccan restaurant. Peter texts Jax, hoping that if Stassi’s ex waits until after dinner to show up, maybe his presence will go unnoticed. Meanwhile, Stassi makes a speech, saying it means a lot to have friends who took off work to come to her birthday.

“Now the party’s here,” Jax announces as he arrives in cozy-looking, almost maritime-inspired sweater. While he says hello to everyone, Jax tells Frank to suck... Well, you get the idea. Frank accuses Jax of trying to ruin Stassi’s birthday, and she takes up the refrain.

“How dare you ruin my birthday,” Stassi tells Jax. “You’re not supposed to be here.” Jax proceeds to calls Frank a pawn for roughly 20 minutes. Everyone starts screaming at each other. Katie blames Frank for starting the trouble. Tom Schwartz says “F**k you” to Stassi.” She throws her beverage at him. Frank isn’t impressed that Jax, who’s 10 years older than Stassi, has been having her pay his bills. Peter holds Jax in a backwards hug that’s supposed to prevent him from going after Frank.

Most of the party moves outside, where Jax continues to yell at Frank. “You were my friend. That’s not classy,” says the sweatered gentleman.

Perhaps inspired by the Chippendales from earlier in the night, Tom Sandoval, Frank, and Jax all strip off their shirts (and sweater) and threaten to fight each other in the parking lot. Eventually, Frank leaves in a cab and everyone else takes off in the limo.

Vanderpump Rules Recap For Season 1, Episode 4: Shirtless and Skedaddle
Credit: Bravo    

Oops. Stassi is still in the restaurant, covered in beer. There was a lot of drink throwing. Stassi laments the toast she gave earlier now that everyone has left her on her birthday by taking her own limo.

The next morning, everyone is hungover. Kristen has vodka for breakfast.

Stassi had a rough night, too, but the second string of SUR servers arrive. You know, the people she didn’t really want to invite? Well, Stassi is happy to see them now as they all enjoy brunch.

The hungover crew sits in their hotel room. Katie says last night was completely inappropriate. “Shirtless animals in a parking lot is not standard,” Kristen points out, unhappy that her boyfriend was among them. “Jax was foaming at the mouth,” says Tom Sandoval. “I know,” replies the other Tom. “I wiped it off.”

Jax tries to save face by heading home. Stassi wants nothing to do with him, and Frank has also left. He can’t deal with Stassi’s friends. “I would be the exact same way,” Stassi admits.

Katie says Stassi pulled her hair, and Kristen texts their friend, saying they need to talk. As a reply, Stassi sends photo of herself with the rest of the SUR servers enjoying eggs and boozy beverages.

A lovely private screening of Pandora’s wedding video is interrupted when Lisa’s phone rings. Ken tells his wife to answer it. It’s Katie. “Things hit the fan in the most catastrophic way possible,” the server tells her boss, adding that Stassi grabbed her hair and dumped a drink over her head. Lisa doesn’t want the details, but she says that either Frank or Jax will have to go. “Pass the message on,” says Ms. Vanderpump. Who will Lisa fire on Vanderpump Rules? Sadly, we'll have to wait until next week to find out. I think "everyone" would be a great answer though.

Vanderpump Rules Recap For Season 1, Episode 4: Shirtless and Skedaddle
Credit: Bravo    

In a contrast to the night before, Stassi and the second round of SUR employees strip down naked and huddle together for warmth in a pool across from the Hard Rock Hotel.

Katie and Kristen decide to meet up with Stassi and wish her a happy birthday, since that’s the reason they went to Vegas in the first place. Stassi tells them she just wants to have a good time and gets up to dance when Kristen comes over. “She’s a diva b***h,” says Kristen, unimpressed with the new group of SUR servers who are fawning over the birthday girl.

Later, Stassi agrees to talk to Kristen and Katie, but she denies pulling the latter’s hair. “I dIdn’t come to fight,” says Katie, which makes Stassi stand up to leave. She’s upset that they sided with Jax; they should be annoyed at him, she says. He’s the one who got a girl pregnant and broke up the group.

As she walks away, she tells her friends, “You’re at my birthday party. You don’t have to be here if you don’t like me.”

Next week, Scheana and Stassi become friends, and Stassi thinks Jax is going to sleep with someone at SUR for retribution. Join us right here for our next Vanderpump Rules recap!

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