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The Bachelor

Bachelor Season 17: Should Sean Lowe Have Sent Tierra Home?

Hands up if you want Tierra to be your personal muse/spiritual leader? This feisty gal's irrational attempts to get Sean Lowe's attention on The Bachelor are out-of-this-world crazy, and we expect her to fake-break her boobs at any moment –– just so Sean will massage them.

Of course, as much as we love Tierra and her open heart tattoo (Jane Seymour is so happy right now), there's no denying that she's slightly catty with her competition. Tierra can be sullen and argumentative, and she's willing to stomp on whoever gets in the way of her path to Sean's abs.

So far, Tierra's fellow bachelorettes haven't ratted her out to Sean for fear that he'll deflower them (and not in the awesome way), but surely boyfriend knows that her presence is causing tension. And let's not forget that Tierra straight-up told Sean she wanted to go home! Why didn't he take her up on the offer?

Time to unbridle your passions and vent your Tierra-fueled anger all over the keyboard, Bachelor Nation. Do you think Sean should have thought with his head (not his abs) and sent Tierra packing? Hit the poll!

01.30.2013 / 02:32 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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