Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson on How You Can Stay Fit During Pregnancy — Exclusive!
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Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson on How You Can Stay Fit During Pregnancy — Exclusive!

Who’s helping Kim Kardashian stay fit and healthy during her first pregnancy? We weren’t surprised to find that she’s working with the best of the best in personal fitness, celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, while baby Kimye bakes. Tracy’s client list also includes hot mamas Gwyneth Paltrow, Gisele, and Jennifer Lopez.

During Tracy’s second pregnancy in 2012, she created a series of real-time DVDs called Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project. The newly released collection includes nine videos to pair with each month of pregnancy, focusing on muscle work, as opposed to high-impact cardio.

We recently caught up with Tracy to talk about the Pregnancy Project and all those myths surrounding pregnancy and fitness. If you are or are planning to be pregnant, you’ll want take a cue from Kim and Gwyneth and listen up!

On whether or not pregnant women can really control how much weight they gain depending on how they eat:
Tracy Anderson: There’s a certain element we can control, but at the end of the day, hormones and genetics play a huge role and those two things we cannot control. You could eat healthily and amazing and still gain 40 to 50 pounds. It’s not a time to view yourself unrealistically. It’s not a time to look at yourself, decide you’re getting too big and go on a diet.

It is a time to be kind to yourself. Are you a bad mom if you give into every craving? No, absolutely not. There’s no way around cravings. I had a day where I ate 32 cucumber sandwiches with butter and white bread because its all I wanted. I couldn’t make it healthy if I tried.

On why she created the Pregnancy Project:
When it comes to exercise and fitness during pregnancy, guidelines are important. I did this to provide a tool to take you through your routine during every month of your pregnancy and then get you back on track after you’ve had the baby.

On the myth that women need to stop exercising at some point during their pregnancy:
No, unless you have a medical reason for being put on bed rest there’s never a time you need to stop connecting with your body. The moving, the circulation, and the strength is a place where we have some control.

On why the Pregnancy Project focuses more on muscle work than cardio:
I personally don’t feel like I can do cardio when I’m pregnant. It happened to me for both pregnancies. I can go on walks but I can’t stand running or jumping around. I know its fine and I know its safe, it just doesn’t feel right to me. So because I had such a strong aversion to cardio, I decide to tackle muscular structure work instead and then encourage people to take walks, too. If you want to run, you can run. But you are going to get to a certain point in your third trimester where the baby just really needs to grow. You can’t be spending more calories than you’re taking in because the baby needs those calories.

How our own hormones can help keep pregnant women fit:
We have a hormone called relaxin that gets released when we’re pregnant. It creates flexibility for the body to help it change and house the baby. And it remains in the body for six months after birth. If you keep your muscles moving during your pregnancy and exercise properly, you can actually utilize it to stay in shape and get your body back — sometimes even better than it was before — after the pregnancy. It’s all about keeping your muscles awake and alert. This approach has never been taken before. No one in fitness had ever used this fact to their advantage. We’re the first.

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