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Teen Mom

Did Gary Head Try to Run Courtland Rogers Off the Road?

Things are heating up between Gary Head and Courtland Rogers, and not in a sexy way. Jenelle Evans has rejected her hubby for Gary's tender bosom, and Courtland is less than impressed. In fact, he's completely heartbroken, and is most likely caressing his "Jenelle Evans" tattoo as he cries patriotic tears.

Courtland has tried reaching out to Jenelle several times, and apparently his latest attempt to see his wifey resulted in Gary running him off the road! "How the f— can u just do that ??" Courtlandtweeted on January 30 to no one in particular. "She is tryphanlin as a mother f— and how about I seen them yesterday and Gary ran me off the road smh."

Oh no, guys, Courtland is shaking his head! Of course there are two sides to every story and it's possible that Gary didn't actually try to run Courty off the road — but there's no denying that this feud is epic.

Sigh, can't these two just get past their differences, fall in bromantic love, and get matching tattoos of Jenelle's face?

Source: Twitter