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Is Blake Lively’s Marriage Hurting Her Career?

In all the ways that an untouchably beautiful fairy can be a whole generation's spirit animal, Blake Lively is ours. But ever since she got married to the man of her/our dreams, we’ve been a little bit concerned. We’re not saying if we were in Blake Lively’s Louboutins we wouldn’t have gotten all up in Martha Stewart’s magazine head and put together a dream wedding to Ryan Reynolds, or whatever. But lookie here, girlfriend needs to straighten up and fly right, and here’s why:

Gossip Girl ended over a month ago, and hasn’t filmed since October, but what has Blake been doing? Oh, just hanging with her BFFs (all the designers in the world) and being pretty and making rare appearances and occasionally flying off to Paris with her hot husband. But what hasn’t she been doing? Movies. TV. Anything related to acting, so far as we know.

In fact, Blake has NOTHING going on in the world of make believe these days, and we’re having a little bit of a nervy b about it. Although GG wasn’t the greatest show ever on TV (yeah, we said it), now is the time for Blake to capitalize on her fame, and not just the celebrity that is related to being married to one, or being gorgeous. Being the face of Gucci’s perfume is hardly a full-time job.

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We know what you’re thinking: maybe she’s pregnant. No, she’s not. At least, not unless she’s one of those girls whose pregnancy is in, like, their small intestine or she has exclusive claims on the kind of Spanx that hold in a fetus: Spabies, they’re called. So, what’s Ryan Reynolds up to? Hanging out at home, getting to know his hot wife in more than the biblical sense?

Not so much. According to his IMDb profile, Ryguy currently has one movie completed, one in post-production, one filming, two in pre-production, and two more announced. Which is... a lot. Could he be the reason behind her slow work schedule? Ex-wife Scarlett Johannson only made three movies total in the three years she was with him, whereas before and after she made several each year.

So, what’s the deal with Blake? What — or who — is keeping her from making movies? And is her marriage to blame for her career’s apparent halt? Weigh in with all your feelings below.

I love Blake and Ryan!

I wish Blake was with Penn...

01.30.2013 / 04:11 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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