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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Producer Spills About Snooki’s Labor: “I Wanted To Kill Myself”

Jersey Shore and Snooki & JWOWW executive producer Sally Ann Salsano has watched Snooki go from party animal Jersey girl to a somewhat tame (and adorable) mother. But in a recent interview, she wasn’t all warm and fuzzy about Snooks — in fact, the guidette recently drove the EP insane!

While chatting with Entertainment Weekly about the insane day that Snooki gave birth, she not-so-fondly reminisced. “We went to the hospital with her,” she dished. “She was in labor for 26 hours. I wanted to kill myself.”

It wasn’t anger, though — she was just anxious and stressing out in the waiting room. Sally admitted she got emotional since she feels like part of the family, calling herself “a stressed out grandmother.”

“In a sense, they grew up in front of our eyes,” she said. “It’s a little crazy. I’ve never been at the hospital with someone as they’re [giving] birth so the first person I’m there with is my ‘child,’ Snooki.”

So, when she was in the lobby, who exactly was filming the birth we saw last night on MTV? “Jionni shot it,” Salsano spilled. “We said, ‘We don’t need that to tell the story. That’s your own personal time.’ Then afterwards, Snooki was like, ‘You know what? I want to share it. There’s nothing in here I wouldn’t share.’”

Well, we’re happy that she did! What do you think? Should Snooki and Jionni have kept the intimate birth to themselves, or are you glad they shared it with their fans? Let us know below.