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Teen Mom

Kailyn Lowry Tweets Hubby Javi Marroquin During Teen Mom 2: “I Was Totally Javi’s Juliet”

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are like two star-crossed lovers, y'all! Basically, they're Romeo and Juliet, only in sweatpants and Uggs. Swoon!

These two have been joint at the lips and hips since meeting back in winter 2011, and they recently tied the knot and made their relationship official! Unfortunately, their honeymoon phase was cut short thanks to Javi leavingfor Air Force training, but Kailyn got to see her man in the flesh during this week's adorable episode of Teen Mom 2. And guys? Her tweets were nothing short of poetic.

"I was totally Javi's Juliet and he was totally my Romeo," Kailyn tweeted during Teen Mom 2's penultimate episode, adding "I laid my hair down like rupunzel and let @JaviM9 climb up."

No words for this adorable tweet-a-thon. No literally, we have nothing to say because we're too busy happy-crying and binge eating this spread of diner food (recreating Javi and Kailyn's first date, mmmk?).

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