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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Says She’s Seen Phaedra Parks’s “Cold Black Heart” — Is She Overreacting?

This Booty Battle has taken a dark turn really fast. On last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks questioned Kenya Moore’s mental stability and said that her controversial co-star might have a drinking problem.

Kenya already voiced her anger and disapproval over Phaedra’s remarks last week, but she has plenty more to say in her most recent blog. She writes, “Undoubtedly with malice, Phaedra repeatedly and intentionally slanders and defames me with unfounded and untrue statements.” But Kenya doesn’t stop there — not even close! “She is a malicious, despicable human being, who intentionally sought to malign my reputation and harm my future business with her debasing lies.”

Yikes, we agree that Phae-Phae’s remarks were out of line, but she did more or less copy the Donkey Booty idea.

However, Kenya really took issue with Phaedra’s insinuation that she suffers from a mental disorder. “Mental health has always been a passion of mine when I sought answers from my mother’s behavior toward me growing up,” she explains. “I once desired to become a child psychologist in order to help children who suffer from mental disorders or need therapy and or emotional support.”

And Phaedra’s insults were even more hurtful because Kenya confided in her about her difficult childhood. She reveals, “I feel Phaedra’s atrocious mischaracterizations were especially cruel considering she was the only woman on the show I confided in regarding my lifelong struggles with my family regarding this.”

We don’t think Phaedra intended to be so malicious, but given the circumstances, we actually understand Kenya’s extreme anger and frustration.

She concludes the blog by saying, “I believe I have seen Phaedra’s cold black heart. From her actions alone, this is a woman who will say anything and tell any lie in order to achieve a favorable outcome for herself. This must end.”

Whoa, do you agree with Kenya that Phaedra has a “cold black heart,” or is she blowing things out of proportion? Weigh in below!


01.30.2013 / 01:41 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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