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Mom Vows to Raise Her Child For Free For a Year

We wonder if a mother could really spend nil on a toddler for a whole year and still come out sane — and even more content — than she was on day one.

British mom Hattie Garlick made this 365-day vow after losing her job five days before Christmas and a day before her son Johnny’s second birthday. In her Free Our Kids blog, Hattie writes that she took a step back and realized “that we were being taken for a ride that had started on the day we discovered I was pregnant.”

In a world of $1,500 strollers and more child branded food than healthy options, Hattie wrote herself a list of rules to live by in 2013 that includes accepting hand-me-down clothes, no new toys, and using reusable diapers “even if the washing kills me (I think there’s a real chance of this).”

Of course, there are items like medicine and child care that must still dig into her pocket regularly, but that’s to be expected when you’re raising a child. As for the rest of her public vows, Hattie says, “Liberation not deprivation. The first rule of Free our Kids? No rule is set in stone.”

This London-based mom isn’t alone in her quest to reclaim her life and her finances. The Minimalist Mom touts “a rich life with less stuff,” Faith Janes is a Minimalist at Home with her combined household of 10, and there’s even a published guide to Minimalist Parenting.

Would you ever take the challenge to practice minimalist parenting?

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01.30.2013 / 10:00 PM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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