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Plastic Surgeons: Requests For Kate Middelton’s “Perfect” Nose Have Tripled Since 2011

Why look like yourself when you can look like a "princess"?

It's strange to think a time may come when every other British lass has the same "Kate" nose. (It's like The Rachel, but for noses.) According to the Daily Mail, British plastic surgeons say requests for the Duchess of Cambridge's nose have tripled since 2011. Plastic surgeon Maurizio Persico said of Kate, "Her nose is straight with a cute, rounded tip and is perfectly in proportion to her face. This gives Kate an attractive and striking profile."

Not only that, the Daily Mail talked to several women who used Kate's "perfect" nose as inspiration, and they showed
before-and-after photos for each woman.

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For example, Lauren Wright, 28, is an air stewardess who had surgery in December 2011. Here's just part of her story:

"I used to play basketball for the England under-18 team and my nose was knocked around and broken so many times I was left with a prominent bump on the bridge. I complained about it constantly, but my friends and family said they thought my nose was fine. Despite their reassurances, I hated having my photo taken or people seeing my profile. I always wore lots of eye make-up and false lashes to draw attention away from the middle of my face. I started working as an air stewardess in 2007 and was convinced that all the passengers had the most horrendous view of my nose as I walked down the aisle. It became too much to bear, and eventually I decided it was worth saving up for surgery. I’d look at the noses of friends, colleagues, strangers and celebrities — Heidi Klum has a great little nose but, for me, Kate Middleton’s is perfect. I especially like the way it gently crinkles when she laughs."

How do you feel about this idea? How sad that a pretty 28-year-old air stewardess with a boyfriend (who said he loved how she looked before) and otherwise happy-seeming life was so insecure about her nose that it was too much to bear to think of passengers staring at it. Are you shaking your head or can you relate? It's easy to say "just be yourself!" if you haven't dealt with the stares and insults. And we're all insecure about something...

Source: The Daily Mail

01.30.2013 / 11:32 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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