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Jersey Shore

Sammi and Ronnie Reveal New Spin-Off Details! Are They Getting Their Own Show?

Since Jersey Shore ended and Snooki & JWOWW premiered, we’ve all been hoping that Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie would get their own spin-off. Though talks have been in the works for months — and in December, we reported that they were approached for a new show — nothing is set in stone yet. But that doesn’t stop the on-again, off-again couple from dreaming!

During a live chat with Extra yesterday, the duo spilled that they would love to do a spin-off — and Sammi already knows what it would be like: ridiculous.

“It would be pretty funny if we get a spin-off because what goes on on a daily basis with me and Ron is ridiculous,” she said with a laugh.

Naturally, Ron joked that they already had a spin-off. “I think we had our Jersey Shore spin-off show — it was called Jersey Shore seasons 1 through 3!” he exclaimed, later adding, “We would love to do a spin-off, whether it’s with MTV or another network, if the opportunity presented itself.”

It sounds like they’re keeping details about the offers under lock and key, but who knows! Since we doubt Snooki will let cameras follow Lorenzo as he grows up, it may be time for her and JWOWW to pass the torch to Sam and Ron!

Do you think Sammi and Ronnie should get their own spin-off? Sound off below!