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Jersey Shore

Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie Reveal the Worst Parts About Living Together!

Sammi Sweetheart and her boyfriend, Ronnie, have had their ups and downs throughout the past few years, but right now they’re going strong. However, after they revealed the worst parts about living together, we’re a little worried for them!

During a live video chat with Extra, both were asked about the worst part of living with their significant other. Sammi was up first, admitting, “I don’t know if I should say what the worst thing is … he’s messy!”

Ronnie chimed in defensively, responding, “She just doesn’t like to clean!” But Sammi shot back, “That’s the worst part. He’s dirty, he’s messy … clothes everywhere!”

But don’t worry, y’all — they have a solution: hire help! Ronnie finally said, “We’ve gotta get a maid. It’s terrible!” Aww. He wasn’t done yet, though. When the interviewer asked him the worst part about living with Sam, he jumped back a few eras and said he just wants her to cook for him.

“She’s very skimpy on the cooking. She doesn’t like to cook a lot. We all know I like to eat, so ..” he trailed off. She quickly replied, “I try!” and he agreed — in a cheeky way.

”She tries!” he pointed out, then added, “But I could try to fly, but ..,”

Oh, Ronnie. That’s not very nice! What do you think of Ron and Sam’s dynamic? Will they last? Sound off below!.

Source: Extra